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Git repository cloning to the current folder




I have a TimeWeb hosting, I create a new site through the control panel, tie a domain to it, start working. By default, the site creates a folder with the name of the site site containing public_html i.e. The root folder of the site and demo files that can be immediately deleted that I usually do.

Problem That’s what is there, there is an existing project on GitHub I am in Putty I go to the refined directory of the new site Site / public_html / Perform the following commands:

git init
Git Clone https://github.com/maler1988/cookies.git.

The repository is cloned as a result in site / public_html / folder cookies containing framework files, index.php , etc., that is Files that I would like to see the root of public_html . How can this be done without using tricks c .htaccess etc.?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

git clone https://github.com/maler1988/cookies.git.

Point in the end indicates that you need to clone the repository to the current folder

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