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According to the Gul, the Sync command, calls Pull, Push and Update. But does not arise a contradiction. If there are two different versions of the same file on the server and in Lock. A version from the server will be covered (as in Pull), or my version (Push) will sing to the server itself. It seems obvious that these operations should not conflict, but I do not understand how.

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Are you talking about the GUI team? Because in the console there is no such team and there was no. Update is generally with SVN.

@a_gura right. In fact, at first, changes Git Fetch will be made (it can always be done, unless you disable the Internet or there is not enough space), then Git will try to apply them (that is, make a merge). Often it can make them automatically. If you do not work out, there will be a standard dialog for Merge, where you will be offered by handles to solve all conflicts.

The next step will be Push. If in the branch during this time nothing happened, then it will pass without problems. If something has changed there, then Pull will be again, and then push.

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