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How to remove a branch on the server?




I created a branch on the server Release-1.0

That looks like

aleksey @ aleksey: ~ / downloads / ntz / Fittingroom $ Git Branch -a
* Develop
Remotes / Origin / Head - & gt; Origin / Master
Remotes / Origin / Develop
Remotes / Origin / Master
Remotes / Origin / Release-1.0

Now I made a mess with a master and I want to remove it, I write this command

$ Git Branch -D Origin / Release-1.0

and it shows that there is no such branch …

And that’s what else is interesting when I made a darling of this remote branch release and remote branch master, everything went successfully and I still Tag hung on it …

then switched from the branch to the branch and returned back to the remote master, and there is no this last dying … strange …

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Starting from version 1.7.0 You can remove Branch in remote (tautology, yes ) Storage (for example, origin ) with:

$ git push origin --delete branch

What is probably somewhat easier to remember than the “old” format:

$ Git Push Origin: branch

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