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This means that I had to go back a few commits (git checkout v2.0 without creating a new branch) to check something in the previous version, then I forgot that I rolled back and made a few changes and committed (git commit -m 'commit' ), now I’m thinking how to cut this last commit?

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git revert [commit name] – will roll back changes as the next commit.
That is, a “Mistake” commit has been created, when using revert, another “Revert mistake” commit will be created.

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If you still need the changes made in the most recent commit *, then
you can restore it after switching back to the desired branch. Bye
that you need to remember the hash of this commit with the command git show --format =% H HEAD .
Let’s designate its output as $ HASH .

Then just switch back to the previous branch with git chechout - . If you didn’t go where you wanted to, specify your branch explicitly.
Also, you can see a hint from git with a commit hash where you are from
just left with a suggestion to create a new branch pointing to it.

Then apply that commit on top of the new state with git cherry-pick $ HASH . As a result, your changes should be in
branch you need.

Same description, but as a shell script.

HASH = $ (git show --format =% H HEAD)
git checkout -
git cherry-pick $ HASH

* translation the words commit in the context of IT

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