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How to write and edit your code if the command works via Git Lab and the test site is covered in its repository?




just started learning Git Lab. I did not find, oddly enough, answers to the following questions:

  1. In case the test site on Git Lab, how is the code written and is checked? Anyway on a local server, like Open Server, with a copy of the site installed on it? Then proven for performance Git Push scripts are sent to Git Lab?

  2. How does the “comedom” code from Git Lab hits a hosting or dedicated server .. Team usually has a person who sends?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. From whether the code is on the gitlab or github, then how do you write the code and how to test it does not change. You can continue to use your favorite tools. The main thing is not to forget to “fuse” finished features.

  2. Yes, such a person can be called Build Engenier or Devops. In the simplest case, simply copy the scripts to the server and is ready (but it is not fashionable to do so on large code bases). Now it is fashionable to use CI / CD systems with doctors and kubernets. And when everything is configured, then the debt is just pressing one button.

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