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What exactly to enter when you click Push in Gitkraken?

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I ran into the same problem, it didn’t work out into my forehead, so I took advantage of bypassing. If still relevant to you, then here’s the solution of this problem:

In order for the “Push” option earned, you need a repository on a remote server (for example on Github). Repository is a folder in which your project will be stored. Repository on the server can be a lot (for each project its folder).
Create a folder for your project on github.com (otherwise Gitkraken does not understand where to unload all changes).
Immediately after creating a repository on GitHub (for example), you will see the following message inside your repository:
… Or Create A New Repository On The Command Line

echo "# PROGRAMINGINLINUXBOOK" & gt; & gt; Readme.md.
Git Init.
Git Add readme.md.
Git COMMIT -M "First Commit"
Git Remote Add Origin https://github.com/ The user/NazvaniodePository.git
Git Push -u Origin Master

(these commands we will use.)

  • Next, go to the folder of your project on the computer (not on the github).
  • I work with Linux and I have Git installed. In any case, you need to install Git.
  • if you have Linux: go to the project folder and open the terminal (right mouse button on scratch – & gt; open in terminal)
  • If you have Windows: Open the terminal (or what is installed with Git) and go to the project folder of the CD commands …
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: echo "# namePapigroject" & gt; & gt; Readme.md
  • Project folder name must be the same as the name of the repository on GitHub.
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: Git Init
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: Git Add readme.md
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: Git Commit -m "First Commit"
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: Git Remote Add Origin https://github.com/ener/apsvaniodePository.Git
  • Next, enter the command in the terminal: Git Push -u Origin Master
  • everything. Now open Gitkraken, there on the left there is an Icon of the Wit clouds, your remote repository will appear there. Try Now Press the PUSH button.

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Upstream Branch (it is written)

Local mirror branches on the server , followed by the following Local branch .

If this is the only remote (remote) repository with which you plan to work from this local, that is, it makes sense to keep the names of their branches the same.

Therefore, Origin / Master .

But there is a problem much more fun: Remotes 0/0

You do not specify any remote repository. origin does not exist. Add it.

Answer 3, Authority 50%

What exactly to enter when you click Push in Gitkraken

For push required

  • Local branch from which Push
  • will be made

  • A branch of the remote repository in which this push
  • will be produced

  • and remote repository itself need, of course

You have in the left pane: Remote 0/0.

What does this mean:

  • or not configured by remote repository where it would be possible to fasten
  • either is configured, but it has never been closed data (fetch).

Solution: Configure the remote repository and update the data from it. And make sure that you do not confuse Push and Commit.

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