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What is github.com and how to use it?




What I understood the

github.com is used in conjunction with GIT to control the development versions or for command development

Question – How to start using github.com What is needed for this?

And is there analogs?

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not hard to use the search engine?

Here How to start working with GitHub: Quick Start Read when you read and something specifically not to understand. Ask.

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Git – versions control system.
GitHub is one of the many resources where Git is installed.

In order to start using Git, you need to read the introductory tour. + As you studied see examples on the Internet. Information here:




Analogs are. You can even raise your own Git server.

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Two answers are good, just in case I will add about the analogues: gitorious.com, assembla.com, bitbucket.org, or even gitlabhq.
More unfolded list

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