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a href = mailto: – How to make working?




Good to everyone!
Recently noticed (long ago they did not use) that the tag

& lt; a href = "mailto: [email protected]" & gt; send a letter & lt; / a & gt;

In modern browsers, turned off (Opera, Chrome).
How to win it? Without resorting to PHP (since business card sites, without PHP)

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Google Chrome may try to process Mailto: via Gmail. If you do not use Gmail from Chrome, then he does not know what to do. See chrome: // settings / handlers - Gmail . I have Mac OS X 10.8.2 Chrome 24.0.1312.56 Opens the standard mail application Mail . All default settings.

In general, it can only be in the browser settings, and the web master does not do anything about it. If only try to catch the negative refund from clicking on Mailto: and as an alternative to offer the form of the OBR. Communications.

Answer 2, Authority 75%

It turns out the default in Windows 7 there is no mail client as it was in the HP Outlook Express (somehow it was called).
Demolition The Bat’a and installing Windows Live Mail corrected a bit of the situation.
But as always … This is Windows !!!
Encoding Charset = Windows-1251 its own (!!!) does not perceive in the code:

& lt; a href = "mailto: [email protected]? SUBJECT = letter% 20bla-blah blah% 20c% 20Sight & amp; body = Hello.% 0D% 0Aho% 20Low% 20U% 20Wat% 20The-Pyros% 20 PLAT-VALI% 20% 22Name% 22.% 20V% 20Qolism% 20 (% 20) pcs:% 20MI% 20 ​​Contacts: "target =" _ SELF "& gt;

Well, okay. The case was stringent from the dead point …
I apologize for this application (a href), but the client wants free (more precisely can not allow paid hosting.
P.S. How is everything “easier” to become with new windows;)

Answer 3

It’s rather trite simply! In Windows, from some fright, the default programs are knocked down, add the mail application or Outlook as an application by default control panel – & gt; Programs – & gt; Set default programs. From the list you select a program to work with mail, after that MailTo will work.

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