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fat point at the list elements in CSS




How to make a point of oily and change its color in the list item using CSS

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Suppose there is such a layout:

& lt; ul & gt;
  & lt; li & gt; element & lt; / li & gt;
& lt; / ul & gt;

option A

/ * remove the standard output of the list label * /
UL {
  List-Style-Type: None;
/ * It is necessary to specify the height of the string and positioning * /
UL Li {
  Font-Size: 18px;
  Line-Height: 18px;
  Position: relative;
  Color: Crimson;
  / * UTF-8 Escape Sequence corresponding to the "list marker" * /
  Content: "\ 2022";
  / * Make more than the main text in Li * /
  Font-Size: 26px;
  font-weight: 700;
  / * Element is cut out of the stream, align the negative indent * /
  Left: -15px;
  / * Line height and positioning are necessary for vertical alignment * /
  Line-Height: 18px;
  Position: Absolute;
  Top: 0;

View Example a

option b

to use a predetermined picture as a marker

option in

If the list items are not longer than one line:

ul li {
  Color: Red;
  Font-Size: 26px;
UL LI: First-Line {
  Color: Black;
  Font-Size: 18px;

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