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Good day!

It is necessary to urgently tighten your knowledge of HTML + CSS.
Nobody met the resource where you can solve certain HTML + CSS tasks and send them to automatic verification? Something type is required: http://www.sql-ex.ru/ or Http://beyondrelational.com/puzzles/default.aspx .

Thank you!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Hi. There was no automatic check, but that before the recent Olympiads I used to remember everything well-known http://htmlbook.ru/. I read some theory , Then practiced , after – Tested , remembered everything For 1 day, performed well!

Answer 2, Authority 80%

There is a good html tutorial. If the main knowledge is needed, this is what you need. Intellect cards are used there. And this is generally cool.

Here is a tutorial .
And it Read about Intelligence cards

Answer 3, Authority 20%

Try test Validator just enter the address or download file and click Check after checking all errors and their descriptions if you can even even put on the site of the icons from the proposed that they say the check passed. As far as I know this is the most popular validator. True himself did not use it for a long time, before he swore at HTML5 tags.

Answer 4

for training

HTML ACADEMY is an interactive course on HTML and CSS, all
Training is divided into lesson with theory and practice. After familiarizing with the theory
Immediately come to practice, you see the result of your work, perform
Tasks set.

Flexbox Froggy Allows you to learn CSS Flexbox in an interactive. Flexbox Froggy is a game in which the frogy frogs and other fictional game heroes are needed using FlexBox.

Grid Garden allowed CSS Grid in an interactive. Analog FlexBox Froggy only for Grid. Here you need to position items to grow carrot garden

to check

Validator.w3.org Used to check the layout for compliance with the HTML code of the site and CSS code For compliance with modern standards.

for writing

jsfiddle.net online tool that will help solve tasks in the browser without installing software on a computer. There are many such tools, on the Internet they can be found on request online IDE, online sandbox.

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