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Loaf: What is the difference between Button Button and Submit




The guard has always been a weak side.
So now I can not understand the difference.
here Found Description:
Button – Button
Submit – button to send data.
Apparently, Button can also be used to transfer data.
So what’s the difference?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

submit type button sends data forms to the server, and for button you need to do it manually.
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Answer 2, Authority 250%

& lt; input type = "submit" value = "send" & gt; - Just button
& lt; Button Type = "Submit" & gt; & lt; b & gt; send & lt; / b & gt; & lt; / button & gt; - Button container.

The functionality is the same. The difference is that in the container you can smooth any markup (in the example of tags & lt; b & gt;).

UPD: I apologize, not to the end of the vinnik on question:)

Answer 3

Button RULIT! You can insert the FontAwesome icon and it also has three types: Type = Button – normal button, type = submit – sabmit for form and Type = Reset – reset the fields in the form. So if you need to insert a picture or icon in the button, then better & lt; Button & gt; & lt; / button & gt; .

Answer 4

It is difficult to say how relevant this question is, but one thing is true – in the “bud” you can shove anything, because it is a container, but with the server side of the problem – it is impossible to hang handlers, and if you hang, it is impossible to track it! I used, I give preferences “Inputs” if possible, no then any container, but not – “Bud”

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