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video stream with IP camera. Broadcast on the site




There is an IP address of the chamber. The flow goes through port 8081. Opened only through IE by installing the TFOCX plugin. The rest of the browsers are displayed just a black screen. Is it possible to establish a broadcast on the site? Maybe there is some kind of library. What would anyone come to the page seen the flow from the camera? Thanks in advance.

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If you have an IP camera, then it is likely to give the stream to RTSP. RTSP stream None of the players known to me for the site can not play. Plus a video stream from the camera to give immediately visitors to the site is not the best ideas, since reproduction problems can begin at five visitors (who look at the camera).

If you broadcast video from the camera on the site after all I want, then options for you:

  1. Collect Mini Streamming Server on FFMPEG and NGINX and reproduce the stream on the site via JWPlayer (https: // www .sinyawskiy.ru / nginxrtmpmodule.html ). In this case, you will have to keep your server with all the resulting.
  2. Use online services that can smoke video stream. For example, Lideo or IVIDEON . In this case, you don’t need to do anything (only place specials. Code on your site).

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