Home html What questions can be asked for an interview to the vestist?

What questions can be asked for an interview to the vestist?




What questions can be asked on the interview when a device to work the cameracher?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

It depends to whom you will come for an interview, if to a technician, then questions may be anyone if you deal with the basics, then there may be caverzny questions from our own developer experience, the main thing is not to worry and not be afraid of what you do not know.

If the interview will hold PM, then take the initiative into your hands, if you see that he really does not know what to ask, tell us about the most complex project that you had what you did and how you solved our complex tasks, with The interesting things come across, what technologies or rims were used.

It is also necessary to show that the Javascript for you is a paramount task for learning and improvement, it is necessary to show that you can entrust any client part, and if you encounter difficulties, you will quickly decide them, because you know where and what It is to look for.

And of course I wish good luck on the interview …

Answer 2, Authority 17%

can set a couple of tricky questions on the interaction of blocks: Observe with relative, fixed, absolute … and their combinations.

may offer to make cross-browser rounded corners with a minimum number of items.

may ask than EM differs from i, and Strong from b.

In short, if the string is good – cope. If not very – do not hesitate to answer that you do not know something, but do not forget to clarify that you can always quickly look in the documentation. Then – yes, the test task. From speed, quality and cross-browser directly depends on the likelihood of a team, if you are a man.

Answer 3

I asked questions on:
1) Last work, to-B and quality of projects, portfolio.

2) general topics, theory. What is the diva from the span different? Tag nesting.
Lee is needed in the 5th HTML to close / & gt; Single tags. The difference I from EM, etc.

3) A couple of tasks “for attentiveness” – find an error in attribute tags. Change the template so that there are fewer items in the menu (take care of indexing and sprites), how to do something and that in CSS (rounded corners – here and cross-browser and write 2 radius by x and y). How to remove the marker at ul.

4) Practical knowledge, if at least several sites of sites splash – will answer. On the style of the ladies, the task where is the text in the form of a photo (what to fix?), In rubber design, we will choose the minimum width (the same question).

5) priorities, several rules to one element. What style “win” is an attribute in the tag, or! Important, in the Style tag class or tag inheritance,
on ID and classes questions.

6) positioning, zeta index. Inheritance properties.
“Tag + Tag” VS “Tag & GT; Tag” VS “Tag Tag”.

7) cross-browser problem. What you need to do so that in a browser it is displayed adequately. User Settings. Reset. Universal selector.

6 + 7) can be * {font-size: 200%;} and nested items to give. What will be the font size.

8) Types of layout. Tabular, adaptive.
Issues in style. How best like, why? As referred to and grows in CSS. How often leaves comments and that generally comments. What hemorrhoids do. What makes up. What do you like to do that not.

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