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Tell us which books you started studying objective-c with. So far I only use developer.apple.com .

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Answer 1, authority 100%

If you are exclusively interested in the Objective-C language (and personally I would recommend to start learning iOS development by learning the language, even if you have previously written in C, which is even better), then I advise you to look at “Programming in Objective-C” by Stephen Kochan. True, there is about the 2nd version of the language, but it is in Russian. There is an English version on amazon for the 3rd version of the language.

Answer 2

I have not met any worthy Russian-language books on iOS (there seems to be something on obj-c + Mac). And from the English-language I liked several books:

  1. iPhone SDK Development (The Pragmatic Programmers) – Bill Dudney, Christopher Adamson
  2. iPhone Cool Projects – Wolfgang Ante, Gary Bennett, Benjamin Jackson
  3. More iPhone Cool Projects – Ben Smith, Danton Chin, Claus Hofele

Answer 3

On my own I advise: Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (there are video tutorials in addition to it)
and iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (iOS specific, best book, IMHO)

In general, here’s a bunch of links to literature and video tutorials: Books, videos and other materials on iOS development .

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