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Is it possible to make a mobile application from one WebView?




Good day
I have a challenge, make a mobile version of my SaaS service under Android and iOS
But I myself own only the web development

I came the idea to make an application-shell, in which there will be only a WebView call with the sewn address (URL) and all
And the entire content will be downloaded from the server
Then I can develop the application yourself and it will not be necessary to adapt to different platforms (Android and iOS and others)
I have already tried to make such an application on the elephant, I liked the result

Now the question:

As far as I know, a similar application will not be scented in the AppStore, is there any way to distribute such an application for iOS?

Thank you

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If you know the web, look React Native (JavaScript which is compiled into a native application) or Cordova (JavaScript which runs in Web View).

For curious, why if you just download the site in the web view of the EPL will not miss the appstore:

4.2 Minimum Functionality
Your App Should Include Features, Content, And Ui That Elevate It Beyond A Repackaged WebSite. If Your App Is Not Particularly Useful, Unique, OR “App-Like,” IT DOESNT BELONG ON THE APP STORE. If Your App Doesn’t Provide Some Sort of Lasting Entertainment Value, Or Is Just Plain Creepy, It MAY NOT BE Accepted. Apps That Are Simply A Song Or Movie Should Be Submitted to the iTunes Store. Apps That Are Simply a Book or Game Guide Should Be Submitted to the iBooks Store.

Answer 2

From personal experience – created an application consisting of one WebView to which partially added to the site code was displayed. The main pages were taken from the Web. The application is successfully posted in the App Store.

Another experience: an application with a small native functionality, everything else is loaded from the Web. The application is also in the App Store.

Apple fears that on the root you will give one site, and after the exit substitute the other. Therefore, some minimum must be sewn into the application, you can in the form of a small site.

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