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Why root rights and why there is no possibility to get them on the iPhone? What are they needed for?

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If you bought a device based on iOS on credit, then boldly make jailbreak because You just don’t have enough money to all the best of the AppStore. It is this consideration that 99% of people make Jailbreak. They can also include people who bought a device tied to the operator at a discount (contract) and wishing to untie from the latter. The remaining 1% uses Jailbreak to customize the phone (change the functionality and appearance of the Springboard, customize standard applications, pump the standard dialer or turn off unnecessary demons). If you do not fall into these 2 categories, do not use the ROOT rights to get right to IOS. From the point of view of the programmer, I am more than sure that you are so, they would not be asked a similar question on SO.

Since the iOS closed operating system does not allow to customize the appearance and functionality of the SpringBoard (it is GUI), then for the most part it was one of several reasons for creating Jailbreak. The second was, the deflection of the device from the operator (the name itself speaks for itself). Maybe the opposite, I do not remember. And after pulled out freebiers with the store broken programs from the AppStore type Installouus.

In Android OS, Launcher is used as a GUI, which can be changed by installing separately another as a program from Play Market and installing the default as a launcher. What will allow without any problems to change the appearance of the menu and functionality beyond recognition. Therefore, root rights to Android use more for patches and tweaks.

I hope I completely revealed the true meaning of your question.

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