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What to learn in 2019? Swift and Objective-C or only SWIFT is already enough?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

It depends on what is your goal. If for home projects, SWIFT is enough. If you get a job in Sberbank, you need Objective-C. In general, there are still many projects in the world on Objective-C, therefore, if seriously, Objective-C is still needed.

Answer 2

In addition to SWIFT, also learn Objective C. Many components inside include Objective C, and it is necessary to understand how it works and how it is arranged on a deep level. Some SWIF classes are wrappers over Objective C.

Banal – Click “Jump to Definition” on FUNC viewDidload () and you will fall into the UIViewController.h file, where functions and properties are prescribed on Objective C. In addition, there are many libraries on Objective C, some of which are not on SWIFT. Of course, you can still use them in SWIFT, but it will not be possible to correct something or add something without knowing the language. Often, reference information or examples are also on Objective C, knowing the language to be simple to rewrite on SWIFT.

Without Objective C, you will not be able to climb above middle (and you may not be able to climb).

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