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Are there any libraries to develop a GUI on Java, except JavaFX and SWING?




Learning Java relatively recently and began to think about writing some application with the GUI. If I want to write Desktop Apps in the future, is it worth further learning Java, or it is better to go to a more suitable language for this? If so, what better go?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

General idea, as the application interface should look like, the choice of the GUI library will dictate.
Obviously, if this is a 3D-shooter interface, then you don’t have to choose between swing and JavaFX …

For Desktop applications with a simple GUI in the form of windows with input fields, buttons and without additional animation,
In my opinion, the most productively start with swing.

Swing is a pretty simple library, which will allow to implement a variety
settlement and test programs “for themselves”, as well as intrinfeas to databases (in principle,
Why is WindowsForms usually used).

Swing is very well documented. The source code of the library is recovered for years and there are many where “straws”.
In addition, almost any nuance can be found already ready to answer even within the stackoverflow.com website.

When using visual editors (embedded in IDE or paid JFormDesigner) Development is quite fast
And simple.

To explore Swing Ivan Portjankina Book “Java Swing: Spectacular user interfaces” (2nd edition Second, 2011)
(PDF / EPUB and a link to GitHub with examples are on the author’s website http://www.ipsoftware.ru ) .

When you want special beauty in the interface, there will be many alternatives:
Does your look-and-feel for swing or simply insert swing control in a JavaFX application, and maybe
rewrite everything to JavaFX (besides it will become clearer, his status after his “expelled” from JRE / JDK,
Yes, and the documentation and answers on JavaFX should add); Or even refuse Java for GUI.

PS: Perhaps a few who are familiar with swing
Keeptoo user channel , in which
It is shown how, almost with the help of JPanel alone, you can create pretty fresh interfaces like this:


There also have similar examples for JavaFX.

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