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If you get distracted from humorous (not without a share of Series ) Java templates – projects with their “/ main / java / com / seriouscompany / business / java /”, etc., then, nevertheless, what a structure can be considered minimalist and not a grotesque reference, which is convenient to develop, and maybe without Shame is demonstrated to serious people?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. Get yourself your own domain Well, for example kiselevadev.ru – however, you can physically do not ride a domain, but we are talking about serious people?
  2. All of your projects enter into packages like: ru.kiselevadev.myProject
  3. Next Frogooth Tree Build:

/ src – source

/ Test – test sources

/ lib – LIBRES

/ ext – other resources: TK, pictures, and so on.

/ docs – documentation

Answer 2, Authority 43%

Better did not come up yet:
Introduction to the Standard Directory Layout

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