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Only I start learning Java and do not understand why I can’t call the Zerotoone method to variable i. Does not appear in the Ide context menu. What is the error here?

Public Class Method {
  Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) {
    int i = 0;
    ** i.zerotoone (); **
  Private Int Zerotoone (Int A) {
    if (a == 0) {
      a = 1;

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Zerotoone (i); – this is how the challenge is done. In Java, a straight line of calls, which is indicated by the parameter, is transmitted by the argument.

and since the Main method is static, then call Zerotoone you need at the object: New Method (). Zerotoone (i); . Or make a static zerotoone method>(Private Static Int Zerotoone (int a) ) and call directly, and not through the object.

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