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I have a database in phpmyAdmin, as well as the site. I need to take data from this database (or site), analyze, and then show information in the application. That is, there must be work in the background and if some value from the database changes (let’s say a value of 90% in the database, and then, after a while, gradually decreasing, it has become less than 10%), then you need to send a notification, And when a person simply goes into the application, the data should be displayed (90% … 10% … “Some small text”).
Can you tell me how it is better to implement (articles, video, etc.), since I’m on the Internet looking for information, but it seems to me, not exactly the one that goes to my project.

Answer 1

There is a database, server part, and several customers.
I will tell in two words as usual is done on the example of Java.

database you have mysql

server part – for example Spring

Customer you have two: Web, Mobile android

All application logic is spinning on the server, customers respond only for obtaining information from the user and display information received from the server.

On the Spring Server side provides receiving, processing and recording information in the database via Hibernate. As well as with Spring, put the REST service to interact clients with the server.

And then all customers are addressed to the next REST addresses, receive information and display it, and transmit received information from the user.

For the case you described – write Scheduler on the client, which by timer knocks on the desired URL and receives data. And there you already do everything you want with these data.

I hope my answer will help you determine the directions in which you will further dig.

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