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Conclusion in Java PrintLN without System.out




how and what you need to import something in the code just write println (“…”); without System.out. ?
These two ways have their pros and cons. What are they?

  • System.out.printLN (“….”);
  • PrintLN (“….”);

Answer 1, Authority 100%

import static java.lang.system. *;

and you can bring to the Console Command
out.println ("");

Pros and cons … less scribbling. Java.lang package is automatically imported, and without importing it would have to write to you to write java.lang.system.out.println (");
If you are lazy to print Sout + Tab – create your own method with short name P and call it.

Public Static Void P (String TXT) {
  System.out.PrintLN (TXT);
  Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) {
    P ("Text");

If you need to print

Public Static Void P (Object OB) {
  System.Out.printLN (OB);

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