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Can’t connect the driver.
Downloaded file ojdbc8.jar
Pointed to Classpath to the folder in which the file

is located

Perform this code:

import javax.xml.parsers.parserconfigurationexception;
Import java.io.ioException;
Import java.sql.connection;
Import java.sql.drivermanager;
Import java.sql.sqlexception;
Public Class SQLEXAMPLES {
  Public Static Void Main (String Args []) Throws ParserconfigurationException, IoException, SQLEXCEPTION, CLASSNOTFOUNDEXCEPTION {
    String Username = "User";
    String Password = "Pass";
    String ConnectionURL = "JDBC: Oracle: Thin: @ 1521: L10";
    //DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.oracledriver ());
    Try {
      Class.Forname ("oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver");
      Connection Connection = DriverManager.getConnection (ConnectionURL, UserName, Password);
      System.out.PrintLN (Connection);
      System.out.PrintLN ("SSS");

I get errors:

Exception in Thread “Main” java.lang.classNotFoundException:

oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver at
java.net.urlclassloader.findclass (urlclassloader.java:381) at
java.lang.classloader.loadclass (classlaader.java:424) at
Sun.Misc.Launcher $ appclassloader.loadclass (launcher.java:34) at
java.lang.classloader.Loadclass (classlaader.java:357) at
java.lang.class.Forname0 (Native Method) at
java.lang.class.Forname (class.java:264) at
Sqlexamples.main (sqlexamples.java:16)

How to check that really the driver is installed correctly and does it work?

Answer 1

  1. In Classpath, you must not specify the folder in which the jar file lies, and directly the jar file itself.
  2. in Idea Add a JAR file to project properties (Project Structure) in Libraries.

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