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Creating a Web Application on Intellij Idea Community Edition




Somebody tried to create a web application (Maven) on Intellij Idea Community Edition, I know that it does not support the web and Java 2ee, but it is very necessary. I tried to connect Tomcat7, but when I appeal to him says that there is no such repository. JSF, and Primefaces also do not work. I’m going to make a big web project, there is no money on ultimate (((.

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Jetbrains has a 30 day trial for Ultimate, also there is a version of Intellij Idea Ultimate EAP (Early Access Preview) . I think this will be enough for you, quite enough.

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If you are not fundamentally used which server to use, create a MAVEN or GRADLE project using http://start.spring.io /

Import project to IDEA and work with it. Runs and debugged.

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Download anywhere (github.com) and import this project through Pom. Chml. And then you want to configure the driver, or an empty project, and then starts the installation of Maven and it downloads automatically from the Internet, well, see more instructions on the Internet

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official website It is said that Maven is supported in the Community version:

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