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Custom Toolbar How to make?




Need to perform such a thing. In the screen header there should be a logo as in the screenshot

Now I have done it so, disabled ActionBar in the markup divided LinNearl to parts by weight and here is the top in which it costs the logo takes 10% of the screen in which I put the picture Logo. I’m new to it so))

Now I want to redo. As far as I understood now the most flexible look in this regard is Toolbar . The question is what, you need to put in the middle of Toolbar , so that it happened as on the screen … I did not find any example in which the image would be in Toolbar with the ability to adjust position of this image in it …

who worked with Toolbar Can you tell me if this is done and if so how?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Agree that:

“If the second option, then use toolbar for these purposes
no sense, he has another user, let him still remain like
Now, quite a normal solution. “

But if you need to do it, for example, so:

Main Activities:

import android.support.v7.app.appCompatactivity;
Import android.os.Bundle;
Import android.Support.v7.widget.Toolbar;
Public Class MainActivity Extends AppCompatactivity {
  PROTECTED VOID OnCreate (Bundle SavedInstanceState) {
    Super.ONCREATE (SavedInstanceState);
    setContentView (R.Layout.Activity_Main);
    SetSupportactionBar ((Toolbar) FindViewByID (R.ID.Tool_Bar));

Marking Main Activity:

& lt; xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? & gt;
& lt; linearlayout XMLNS: Android = "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
  XMLNS: Tools = "http://schemas.android.com/tools"
  Android: Orientation = "Vertical"
  Android: layout_width = "Match_Parent"
  Android: Layout_Height = "Match_Parent"
  Tools: context = "com.vitaliy.testtoolbar.mainactivity" & gt;
  & lt; include
    layout = "@ layout / tool_bar"
    / & gt;
  & lt; TextView
    Android: layout_width = "wrap_content"
    Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"
    Android: Text = "Hello World!" / & gt;
& lt; / linearlayout & gt;

and markup for the Toolbar itself: (tool_bar.xml)

& lt; xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? & gt;
& lt; Android.Support.v7.Widget.Toolbar XMLNS: Android = "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
  XMLNS: App = "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto"
  XMLNS: Tools = "http://schemas.android.com/tools"
  Android: id = "@ + id / tool_bar"
  Android: layout_width = "Match_Parent"
  Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"
  Android: background = "@ color / colorprimarydark" & gt;
  & lt; relativeLayout
    Android: layout_width = "Match_Parent"
    Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"
    Android: Gravity = "Center"
    & gt;
    & lt; imageview
      Android: paddingtop = "15dp"
      Android: paddingbottom = "15dp"
      App: srccompat = "@ Drawable / Ic_android_24dp"
      Tools: ignore = "MissingPrefix"
      Android: layout_width = "wrap_content"
      Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"
      / & gt;
  & lt; / relativeLayout & gt;
& lt; /android.support.v7.widget.toolbar>


And you need to not forget to check, so that the topic does not contain Akshnbar

& lt; style name = "apptheme" parent = "theme.appcompat.light.noactionbar" & gt;

Toolbar is used as a regular ViewGroup. And I still listened to the Council, who gave you “pavlofff” in the comments to the question!

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