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How can I withdraw the date to bring in Ukrainian in the console?

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Using Java 8 Date and Time API:

Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) {
  String a = "22-Serpnya-2015 22:25:36";
  Locale Loc_UKR = NEW Locale ("UK", "UA");
  DateTimeFormatter DTF = datetimeformatter.ofpattern ("DD-MMMM-YYYY HH: MM: SS", LOC_UKR);
  System.Out.PrintLN (DTF.PARSE (A.TolowerCase ()). Tostring ());


{}, ISO resolved to 2015-08-22t22: 25: 36

Do not forget that the Pattern is sensitive to register and without a.tolowerCase () will not boost.

Answer 2

IMHO, you need to create your own locale, and dig in the DateFormatsymbols, because This class gives information about the format of numbers, dates, etc.

Locale class simply stores information about Locale (country, language).

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