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Did the number of integer on 10?




Simple number INT .
It is necessary to determine whether it is divided by 10 integer.
Everything seems to be simply, but nothing in mind is coming. Help please.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Use for this kind of tasks The % statement, which returns the left value from the division left value on right .


number = 10;
if (Number% 10 == 0) System.out.PrintLN ("The number is divided into 10");

Answer 2, Authority 62%

For this, there is a “%” operator, the result of which is the balance of the division.

With it, this task is solved quite trivial:

int a = 15;
if (a% 10 == 0) // In our case, the result will be 5, then the check will not pass
 // divided by 10 integer
 // Not divisible

Answer 3, Authority 50%

Here is a simple feature for checking. If it is divided – returns TRUE, otherwise – false.

Public Boolean Byten (int n) {
   RETURN N% 10 == 0;

Answer 4, Authority 50%

You need to use the balance of division, which means that you need

int number = 10;
if (Number% 10 == 0) {
  System.Out.Pritln (Number);

That is, learn the match)

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