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Error “Could not determine Java version …” IntelliJ IDEA




I installed java 10 and IntelliJ IDEA a long time ago, everything worked fine. One day when opening IntelliJ IDEA there was an error

Could not determine Java version using executable C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk-10 \ bin \ java.exe

Googled and realized that the Gradle version is not suitable for this Java version. What is very strange, it worked before and I don’t remember changing anything. But okay, I’m installing Gradle 4.9 as it is said on the official site . (I downloaded the archive, threw it into the root of the C drive, corrected the environment variables, checked the version in the console – everything works).

Opening IntelliJ IDEA, creating a new project – the error persists. I checked in the settings – the Gradle version is the one you need. Tell me what to do?

Answer 1, authority 100%

In general, after restarting the PC, everything worked. So the simplest solution to this error, as for me:

  1. here follow steps 1-4 to install Gradle

  2. restart the PC.

  3. In Intelij Idea File- & gt; Settings- & gt; Build, Execution, Deployment- & gt; Gradle in column ‘use local gradle distribution ‘specify the path to the unpacked archive.

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