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How to connect through Oauth to classmates?




Here is the link for authorization in classmates. How do I find out client_id and Client_Secret ? Does it be necessary to create your application on this site for this?


Created an application in classmates, received application_id , Application_secret and the public key of the application.

https://connect.ok.ru/oauth/authorize?client_id=ME_VEK_NEVABLE_AMPCEBOPE=VALUABLE_Access;photo_content& response_type = token & amp; redirect_uri = https: // www.ok.ru / `

After a redirect in the browser for a second, Access_token appears, and then goes to Redirect_URL . How can I get this access_token ?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

You need to create an application. In its parameters / properties (I do not know how this item is called in OK) usually indicate Client_ID and Client_Secret .

In the application parameters, you will need to specify the address for the redirect – this is the URL to which the user’s browser is redirected after an authorization attempt, with which it does not matter, successful or not.

Also, when redirecting, Access_Token will be added to the URL, necessary to work with API.

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