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How to go to the RabbitMQ page?




Install Rabbitmq . Checked – everything works. Messages are sent and accepted. But I can’t go to the Rabbitmq server page. I enter the browser and nothing. The browser says that such a page does not exist. What am I doing wrong ?

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By default, the web interface is disabled, but you can enable it with a command to * NIX systems:

rabbitmq plugins enable rabbitmq_management

Windows is turned on with a command from the SBIN folder where the server is installed:

rabbitmq plugins.bat enable rabbitmq_management

After that, it is necessary to restart RabbitMQ and log in through the browser on the http: // localhost: 15672 . Default, login and password for entering Rabbitmq Managment Plugin: Guest / Guest

From version 3.3, a restriction on access to Guest / Guest from the host is different from localhost. But you can create a Test user with a password test and go under it from any host:

rabbitmqctl add_user Test Test \ N
RabbitMQCTL Set_user_Tags Test Administrator
RabbitmQCTL Set_permissions -p / Test. "*" ". *" ". *"

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http: // Localhost: 15672 /

If Rabbitmq stands on another machine, then you need to specify the address of the machine

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