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decided to learn Java and began, naturally, with the installation of JDK. Thug up “JDK” went on the link, chose Java EE, moved to the downloads tab, downloaded download Java EE 7 SDK Update 2 and the problem is that he offers me to download only some incomprehensible archive, and judging by the video lessons (they are 2013 ) He had to offer me a menu where you need to choose a specific installer under your system. Duck where and how to say java ee? Or you first need to download Java SE, and then install Java EE? Or how?

Answer 1

Here is the link

Latest JDK

Answer 2, Authority 300%

If you are accurate, then install Java EE cannot be installed, as this is a set of standards, and not a specific software. What you download is the GlassFish 4 application server, which includes a set of libraries implementing the Java EE standard. Unpack the archive somewhere, run the server in accordance with the instructions attached to it and experiment.

And it is better not to use outdated video tutorials, otherwise you will constantly get into incomprehensible situations.

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