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How to work on java in Visual Studio Code or Community




I have Visual Studio Code latest version (downloaded at 2020)
I don’t know how to write cantilever programs on Java using Visual Studio Code. With Visual Studio Community The same.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Neither. Development environment data is not intended to develop in Java.
Use for example Intellij

Answer 2, Authority 100%

There is a good instruction for VSC – on their (VSC) site .
I personally tried, I didn’t really like it. It is rather an option for those who have already got used to the VSC and who are inconvenient to switch to Eclipse or Intellij. But you can try.
I do not know about the support of development on Java in VS Community.

Answer 3

Write applications on Java is quite yourself on Visual Studio Code (this is the code editor). It is enough to put the necessary extensions. Then, you can run, and you can debug projects, including with a collector, such as Maven.

A, Visual Studio (Community) is an IDE, it is not intended to write code on Java.

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