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Intellij Idea + Mac. Or where are the lags?




Most recently, I became the owner of the new MacBook Pro 16 on i9 with 32GB operatives.
This is my first acquaintance with MacOS and like everyone liked and it seemed to be happy before I did not move to work from my stationar in Ubunt to this Mac. I java developer and poppy took in the hope that I can fully work mobile to work with this device at hand, and at first everything went well, the container rises the terminal almost the same way, turned out all the surroundings for a year and a half and began to work, as it came across the problem where her did not wait at all.

the relics in it is definitely over the edge for development, but why then Intellij IDEA picked up? I am generally not a picky user as a whole, but when I do the simplest actions and my old computer with Ryzen 3,1200 has been practiced instantly, even if there are 5 small services, but a new poppy, though not for a long time, but slows down, I slowly yelling in bombing.

Consider specific examples:

  • Open the project and wait when it is completely indexed. After
    Open some class – not big well, let it be strings 100,
    After opening, we look at the upper right corner of the editor and it is written there
    “Analyzing” – standard operation of the analysis of class content which
    It works when you open a class for the first time.

    It can even last with small classes for two three seconds. V
    the moment when this analysis occurs with the touchpad at the top of the bottom and
    We see that everything is picked up (at that moment everything regards it in the idea)

  • The second case is easier, periodically when you call the method or prescribe the name of the class and at the moment when the idea wants to tell you, the seal hangs (the letters are not instantly printed).

  • The rest of the cases are comparable with the second – hanging happens at the moment when the idea is thinking.

Maybe someone will seem that it is a little thing, but it was no such fools on Ubunt or the same Windows, but on all the praised apparatus …. in Google there is nothing sensible and still it seems to me that I don’t know something Or do you really have to put up?
By the way, in pycharm, I do not observe such hangs. If anyone has any thoughts, for example, like this Analyzing to do immediately for all classes from the project and then the analysis was not carried out over each individual.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I also have MacBook Pro 16 and I also java programmer and use Intellij IDEA. It’s all about Macos Big Sur. Before her release, when Catalina was standing, everything just flew and no lags. After the transition to Big Sur, pate appeared (by the way, they appear not only in the IDEA) and some programs began to start slower. I waited a long time when Apple will release an update, which will correct this situation, but this has not yet happened.

In order for you to enjoy your poppy, and did not think about how so you descended so much dough on the lagged piece of iron, you need to roll back to Macos Catalina. Unfortunately, it is impossible to roll back to save data on the disk. Therefore, if you decide, the main section of the disk will have to format.

I used the restoration function via the Internet. To do this, when rebooting the poppies, clamp on the keyboard SHIFT + Option + Command + R. Specify your Wi-Fi network and it downloads the recovery utility over the Internet and launch it. In this utility you first need to format the main section of your poppy (I have it called Macintosh HD – DATA), and then start the Catalina installation (if you do not format the disk, then the catalyna installer will not see any disk suitable for installation and you do not care We’ll have to return to the disk utility). As a result, the installer downloads Catalina and install it.

using Catalina you will understand how lying your poppy on Big Sur. Well, and, of course, on Big Sur, do not update, monitor English-speaking Apple forums, there people complain about similar problems with Big Sur (even Mac Pro lags, which cost a million rubles and higher).

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