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I have an array of type Object and you need to remake it in an array String .

I do it like this:

public static string [] convertorobjectToString (Object [] Objarr)
  String [] Strarr = Arrays.Copyof (Objarr, Objarr.Length, String []. Class);
  Return Strarr;

But I get a mistake:


What’s wrong?

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Error says that the source array is not all consisting of string.

can be done more reliable:

string [] Strarr = New String [Objarr.Length]
For (int i = 0; I & LT; Objarr.Length; I ++) {

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And so it is impossible. If you in the source array are stored Object and their actual type is not string, then they cannot be put into the string array [].
You can of course call the source array at the TOSTRING () method as @andrew Bystrov.

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