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I created NavigationView and I can not find how to make it so that this curtain always appeared during swaype (in the right side), and not only when Schupeped from the side, where she is. In general, I want to do as in the telegram.

Maybe who knows a special method or attribute in XML?

Answer 1

Fun OpenDrawer () {
    VAL MDRAGGER = javaclass.superclass? .getdeclaredfield ("MLEFTDRAGGER")
    MDRAGGER? .ISAccessible = True
    Val Draggerobj = Mdragger !!. Get (this) AS ViewDraghelper
    Val MedgeSize = draggerobj.javaclass.getdeclaredfield ("MedgeSize")
    MedgeSize.isaccessible = True.
    Val Edge = MedgeSize.getint (Draggerobj)
    Log.i ("Drawer", "EDGE $ {edge}")
    MedgeSize.Setint (Draggerobj, Edge * Edge)

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