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Obfuster selection for java




Advise the obfuscator that can :

  1. Rename files
  2. redistribute them by other packages
  3. and it is desirable that some files could be left unchangeable

An example of how we would like:

package ru.game.name.pack1;
  Import java.util.random;
  Public Class Class2 EXTENDS Class1
    Private Static Int MyInt1;
    Private Static Int MyInt2 = 2 * MyInt1;
  Public Class1 (int par1)
    MyInt1 = Par1;
  / * Further some kind of code ... * /

turned into

package ru.game.name.a;
Import java.util.random;
Public Class AB EXTENDS AA
  Private Static Int II;
  Private Static int ij = 2 * ii;
Public AB (int par1)
  II = PAR1;
/ * Further some kind of code ... * /

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Perhaps the most popular:

  1. Proguard .
  2. yguard .

and small List .

Answer 2, Authority 100%

maybe you will suit stringer java obfuscator

Stringer Java Obfuscator is
Obfscreen providing the highest
The level of protection of Java programs from
Reverse engineering and modifications. For
Application protection, you can
Use the following functions:
Encryption rows and context check
call, protection against modification and
Integrity control, optimization
Java applications …

Stringer Java Obfuscator Usage Guide

Answer 3, Authority 60%

Support @falstaf , for the voiced requirements of ProGuard more than enough. That’s just a sense of Proguard in terms of real protection against the reverse, he was originally written as an optimizer (familiar with Eric, the creator of Proguard), actually remained. But on Stringer Java Obfuscator In vain @ Falstaf runs. The Proguard + Stringer Java Obfuscator combination is the best solution on the market now. But this “(the rest there is so-so, for a tick)” generally knocked out of the rut, the functional Hide Access and Integrity Protection is the juice, plus the use of InvokeDynamic, no decompiler is not yet. The feeling that @falstaf did not even have seen a live product, but it is difficult to discuss.

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