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Process finished with exit code -1




After executing a program in IntelliJ IDEA, “Process finished with exit code -1 ” appears in the console. It seems to be returning: “Process finished with exit code 0 “. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

P.S. The program works stably.

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Something went wrong, general rule for exit code:

1) error code 0 – the program ended successfully,

2) error code & gt; 0 – the program failed, but for the expected reason (the user launched the program with incorrect arguments, it could not find the configuration file or connect to the database)

3) error code & lt; 0 – the program ended unsuccessfully for an unexpected reason (out of memory, it was killed by the OS, etc.)

In all likelihood, the program encountered some system errors at the time of exiting (an out of memory error appears, a system error of deleting temporary files, etc.). Still, it’s better to see why this is happening, maybe it does not delete temporary files behind itself or will start crashing even earlier.

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