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Read from the BufferedReader file




In essence, I have a method that reads words from the file and writes to an array. Sample text file:

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But I want to understand what words on a new line, and which no, tell me how to do it, now my code looks like this.

bufferedreader filereader;
    String BUF [] = new string [0];
      Try {
        STRING STR = NULL;
        FileReader = New BufferedReader (New FilerEader ("C: \\ ... \\ SRC \\ Model \\ file.txt"));
        While ((Str = FileReader.ReadLine ())! = NULL) {
          // Get new words
          String [] newwords = str.split (");
          // Create an extended array
          String [] Result = New String [BUF.LENGTH + NEWWORDS.LENGTH];
          // Copy the elements in an array
          System.ArrayCopy (BUF, 0, RESULT, 0, BUF.LENGTH);
          System.ArrayCopy (Newwords, 0, Result, Buf.Length, NewWords.Length);
          // We assign the resulting array to the current
          BUF = Result;
        FileReader.Close ();
      } Catch (IoException E) {
        E.PrintStackTrace ();

Answer 1

I would use the usual File and Scanner if you just need to read the rows from the text file and output them into the console. About this:

package com.company;
 Import java.util.scanner;
 Import java.io. *;
 Public Class Main {
Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) Throws FileNotFoundException {
  // below the path to the file
  File MyFile = New File ("C: \\ Users \\ user \\ Projects \\ schitka \\ src \\ com \\ company \\ test.txt");
  // We associate the Scanner object with our file
  Scanner ScanF = New Scanner (MyFile);
  // While there are rows in the file
  While (Scanf.HasnextLine ()) {
    System.out.PrintLN (scanf.nextline ()); // or temp = scanf.nextline ();
    // Temp can be divided into separators and fill in words an array or immediately use temp for something.
  scanf.close ();

If you need to consider Russian words from the file, open the file in binary mode, and after we work with it – close using the


.close ();

If you need to read each character in the line

filerader fileout = null;
   Try {
    Filein = New FileReader ("test.txt");
    int a;
    While ((a = filein.read ())! = -1) {
      Fileout.Write (A);
  } finally {
    if (Filein! = NULL) {
      filein.close ();

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