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Relative path to files in IntelliJ IDEA




if you specify the path to the file

E: \\ IdeaProjects \\ MyProject \\ 01 \\ src \\ main \\ java \\ org \ \ Council \\ test.txt

The idea sees the file, and
in this version:

src / main / java / org / Council / test.txt

doesn’t work

Moreover, on another PC, the option indicating the relative path (the latter) works (one project).

tried to do Copy Relative Path – pasted the copied path, useless

where can I set IDEAS in the settings?

File – Project Structure – Modules
tried, to no avail

tried to put the file side by side, in the same directory, also does not work.
the search tips didn’t help

Answer 1, authority 100%

when you open it as a project, the paths start from the folder of this project. therefore paths must be specified with ./src/main/

In your case it will be ./src/main/java/org/Council/test.txt

As a reminder, ./src/main/java/org/Council/ is not meant to store resources. use the resources

folder for this

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