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Run Java applications with GUI on the smartphone




Is it possible to somehow start the Java project using the GUI on your mobile device?

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java project for desktop with GUI on Swing, AWT, SWT, JavaFX and TP. You can not run on android smartphone without substantial alterations.

First of all, full of rewriting the entire GUI part, as the Android has its own GUI, is not compatible with the above.

Also, the structure of the android applications is radically different from the structure of the desktop application, ranging from the entry point and ending with the repairement.

Android has its own interaction framework with the system (Android API) in any way that is not compatible with the desktop, but conspicuously necessary for the program.

actually from the desktop application on Java when transferring it to the Android platform, only some small part of business logic will remain, so, interacting with the network, database, etc. In Android is implemented differently and the desktop code will be almost useless (remain Only requests themselves).

Increasing – Android programs have their own APK format. To simply run on the Android smartphone with a JAR format, you need to attach a certain amount of effort, in stock Android does not make it possible to execute such a program format.
Suffers compatibility and at the VM level. The Android is used by the ART virtual machine (formerly Dalvik), Javavm’s desktop is also a potential source of problems.

PS: Generally there are workarounds: some ports and attempts to implement cross-platform (as This answer ), but The result will most likely be deplorable. Also, there is some Java-emulators under Android, as far as they cope with the task, too, the question is open.

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