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Sending HTTPS request from Java application




What are the ways to send HTTPS requests from the desktop java application? An example of the source code is especially interesting.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The most primitive way is to use URLCONNECTION . Here is an example without handling errors, encodings and other husks:

Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) Throws Exception {
  UrlConnection Connection = New URL ("https://www.dev.java.net/servlets/projectlist") .OpenConnection ();
  Inputstream is = connection.getInputStream ();
  InputStReamReader Reader = New InputStreamReader (IS);
  char [] buffer = new char [256];
  STRINGBUILDER SB = new stringbuilder ();
  While ((RC = Reader.Read (Buffer))! = -1)
    SB.APPEND (Buffer, 0, Rc);
  Reader.Close ();
  System.Out.printLN (SB);

In the event that it turns out that the standard urlConnection (more precisely, on the fact it is created HttpsurlConnection ) something can not, then use Apache HTTP Client .

Answer 2, Authority 8%

import java.net. *;
Import java.io. *;
Public Class URLReader {
  Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) Thrown Exception {
    URL Oracle = New URL ("http://www.oracle.com/");
    BufferedReader in = new buffereder (
    new inputstreamReader (oracle.openstream ()));
    String InputLine;
    STRINGBUILDER SB = new stringbuilder ();
    While ((Inputline = in.ReadLine ())! = NULL)
      SB.APPEND (Inputline);
    in.close ();
    System.Out.printLN (SB);

source https://docs.orcle.com/javase/tutorial /Networking/urls/readingURL.html

Answer 3, Authority 8%

You can use http-request Built on Apache HTTP API.

string uri = "https://www.dev.java.net/servlets/projectlist";
Httprequest & lt; String & GT; httprequest = httprequestbuilder.createget (URI, String.class)
.responsedeserializer (responsedeseerializer.ignorabledeserializer ()). Build ();
Public Void Send () {
 ResponseHandler & lt; String & GT; Response = httprequest.execute (someparamsyouwant);
 System.out.PrintLN (response.getstatuscode ());
 System.out.PrintLN (response.get ()); // Retuns Response Body

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