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System.CurrentTimeMillis () gives the wrong result




Good day!

System.CurrentTimeMillis () in java gives the wrong result.

That is, by logs, it gives 1569633070510 , which is not reality.
But if you cut on the last three numbers (510) , the result becomes reliable.

Tell me, please, where does he take these extra numbers and how can I remove them?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

This is milliseconds. Only you confused them with seconds.

1569633070510 / 1000/3600/24/365.25 = 49.74 (almost 50 years from January 1, 1970)

Answer 2

Use the java.sql.date :

date currentdate = new date (System.CurrentTimemillis ());

translates to the current date – everything should be even ..

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