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What is a method signature?




What is a method signature versus a method specification and contract?

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Translated from docs.oracle.com :

Definition. The two components of a method declaration include the signature
method name and parameters .

An example of the method described above:

calculateAnswer(double, int, double, double)

The method signature combined with the return type is called the method contract .

The specification of a method can be thought of as the documentation for the method.


public voidmoveTo(int x, int y)throws IOExceptionsignature

public void moveTo(int x, int y) throws IOExceptioncontract


 * Method - Description of the method
 * @param int x - description of parameter
 * @param int y - description of parameter
 * @return int - description of the return value
 int moveTo(int x, int y){...}  

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The signature of a method is the name of the method plus the parameters (where the order of the parameters matters). The method signature does not include the return value or the exceptions it throws.

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All code that describes a method is called a method declaration. The method signature includes the method name and parameter types in a specific order.
The method signature includes:

  • Namespace and Class
  • Method identifier
  • Order, type, modifiers (ref, out) of parameters
    But does not include:
  • Return type
  • The static modifier
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