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What is the specification and implementation for Java?




Watch the webinar and there as it went on the topic of Java Specification and JDK implementation. Is it possible to describe in an intelligible language with the structure that it is and how they depends on each other.

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Good afternoon to figure out what “JDK implementation” you will need to understand what JDK and JVM are, in fact, about it:

JDK (Java Development Kit) is the main component of the Java environment and provides all the tools executable and binary files that are needed to compile, debugging and executing the Java program.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is the heart of the Java programming language. When we launch the program, JVM is responsible for converting the byte code into machine code. JVM also depends on the platform and provides basic functions such as Java memory management, garbage assembly, etc.

But now it’s time to talk about “JDK implementation”, and if it is right, then JRE (Java Runtime Environment). It is a JVM implementation that provides a platform for performing Java programs. JRE consists of a Java virtual machine, binary files and other classes. JRE does not contain development tools (Java compiler, debugger, etc.). If you want to run any Java program, you must install JRE.

About the specification Here is the link https://docs.orcle.com /javase/specs/jls/se8/jls8.pdf If you do not know what specification is in general, this is a dry description of the product or an approach to perform any action. TTX if you want.

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