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What is written in java?




I do not understand in any way what I will do at work after learning Java. Please name examples of programs that are often written in it. What can I write to show the employer?
I started to learn it out of interest, interest does not disappear, and then I thought: I need to somehow use the accumulated knowledge, and then I realized that I have no idea what, who, what …
I am not interested in writing games.

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What can you do in Java? The same as in C, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby … Anything that comes to mind:

  • Games: Minecraft (but gamedev mostly uses C # / C++)
  • Android Applications: Java is the main language for writing Android programs
  • Applications: Using JavaFX, or Swing, or some other library, you can easily create desktop applications. Let’s say the Eclipse compiler is written in C and Java. Gmail is written in Java. Nasa World Wind written in C # and Java.

Lots of examples. Nice and useful language.

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Why Java?

Benefits of Java as an Object Oriented Programming Language:
in Java everything is an object. The add-on can be easily expanded,
as it is based on the object model.

Platform agnostic: unlike many other languages, including C and
C++, Java, when it was created, it did not compile in the platform
specific machine, but in platform independent bytecode. This byte
the code is distributed over the Internet and interpreted in Java Virtual
The Machine (JVM) it is currently running on.

Simple : Learning Processes and an Introduction to the Java Programming Language
remain simple. If you understand the basic concepts
object-oriented programming, it will be easy for you
in mastering.

Secure: authentication methods are based on encryption with
public key.

Architecture-neutral: the compiler generates
architecture-neutral file format objects, which makes
compiled code executable on many processors, with the presence
Java Runtime system.

Portable: architecturally neutral and independent of
the implementation of aspects of the specifications makes Java portable.
The compiler in Java is written in ANSI C with pure portability, which
is a subset of POSIX.

Durable: makes efforts to eliminate errors in various
situations, focusing mainly on compile time, error checking
and runtime validation.

Multithreading: multithreading functions, you can write programs that
which can perform many tasks at the same time. Introduction to the language
Java of this design feature allows developers to create
debugged interactive applications.

Interpreted: Java bytecode is translated on the fly to machine
instructions and is not saved anywhere. Making the process faster and
analytical, since the binding occurs as an additional
light weight of the process.

High performance: the introduction of the Just-In-Time compiler, allowed
get high performance.

Common: intended for a distributed internet environment.

Dynamic: Java programming is considered to be more dynamic than
in C or C++, as it is designed to adapt to changing
conditions. Programs can execute a wide variety of programs during
processing information that can be used to verify and
object access permissions at run time.

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Almost anything can be written in Java .

For example development environments (IDE ) from JetBrains written in Java are example desktop programs.

You can also write servers. You can use the Spring framework for this.

AND Android – on it Java is one of the official languages ​​for developing native applications. The second is Kotlin , which is written by the same JetBrains and which is fully compatible with Java and is, roughly speaking, an improved version of it.

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