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Where in Android Studio is the file R.java?




Where is the R.Java file in Android Studio?
I tried to search for this screenshot, but in the new version of Android Studio on this path of the file R.java No

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From Studio version 3.3.0 This file is no longer generated. https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/GraDle- Plugin # Behavior Changes

Faster R Class Generation for Library Projects: Previously, The
Android Gradle Plugin Would Generate An R.Java File for Each Of Your
Project’s Dependencies and Then Compile Those R Casses Alongside Your
App’s Other Classes. The Plugin Now Generates a Jar Containing Your
App’s Compiled R Class Directly, WITHOT First Building Intermediate
R.java Classes
. This Optimization May Significantly Improve Build
Performance for Projects That Include Many Library Subprojects and
Dependencies, And Improve The Indexing Speed ​​in Android Studio.

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