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where to download jdk 8 for windows 7 32bit?




Good evening everyone, I could not find where to download JDK 8 for the 32bit seven. Here is here http://free-software.com.ua/programming/jdk/download / you can? The first link without specifying bit, and the second indicating 64 bits to me on the first link to download?

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Java JDK 32 The bit system is indicated as x86. So you will need to download for x86. And if you have the opportunity, put the 64 Windows Bit System.

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You can download directly from the official site:
http: // Download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u131-b11/d54c1d3a095b4ff2b6607d096fa80163/jdk-8u131-windows-i586.exe

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