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does not see the file, error Err_aborted 404 (Not Found)




I make authorization \ registration, and when connecting along the route

const regpath = path.join (__ dirname, 'public / registration.html');
app.use ('/ reg', express.static (REGPATH));

Error Http: // Localhost: 3000 / js / registry.js net :: er_aborted 404 (not found) .

File Structure and Sublines Such is:

I can not understand where it made a mistake, the route in the route, Toli in connection of the file

Answer 1, Authority 100%

404 error means – no file for this path (file not found)

Node does not give it, therefore you must share it (Share, specify a public directory), for example: [Project Folder] / Public , and already in a public folder (/ public ) Put the public folder – / js . Read here

It turns out: [Project Folder] /Public/JS/File.js

Add to node before routing:

app.use (express.static (__ dirname + '/ public'));

If the HTML is written so:

& lt; script src = "js / file.js" & gt; & lt; / script & gt;

… (+ in node – as above) MOT: Your file will be requested on the next way: [Project Folder] /Public/JS/File.js , and not [Folder of .html] /js/file.js

In general, I would read in your place as Folduring on Node is done humanly.

Visual engines + express + modularity + frameworks. It all develops into a pleasant \ comfortable – Tree folders

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