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Find and replace text in the whole document




Tell me how to find and replace the text in the whole document?
For example

& lt; div & gt; QWEQWE & LT; / DIV & GT;
& lt; img scr = "img / qweqwe.jpg" & gt;

Change QWeqWe on ASDF

Answer 1, Authority 100%

$ ("span, p, div"). Each (function () {
  var text = $ (this) .text ();
  text = text.replace ("QWeqwe", "ASDF");
  $ (this) .text (text);

We take place on all SPAN , P and DIV and change the text in them.

Attributes, of course, do not touch. Therefore, in IMG you have the name of the file and remain the same (I hope you do not have the same attributes and tags to rename).

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