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Start to master JavaScript, and I have nothing practically. I go according to the basics, after the theory is given a task that I can not perform. I read the task and fall into a stupor. How to write the code that should be in the function so that it makes it, where to start, how the code should look like, so that it is a worker, how to make it – I am absolutely incomprehensible.

For example, this task is:

Implement the PrintJaimesLine function, which takes one argument – line, and displays a replica on the screen in Jaime format: transmitted_stand.

How to call a variable that will be an argument – decide.

Our system contains the code hidden from you. This exercise hidden the call for the PrintJaimesLine function. So we check your decision.

You do not need to independently call the function, only define it.


My question is not in solving this task, but how to learn how to write code itself? Because now I have only helplessness as soon as you need to write code.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Similar questions from the category “Nothing”, it is necessary to delete, and not to encourage advantages … Explore the syntax first and there will be no such questions for which there is no answer ….

In psychology there is such a thing as “Curse of Knowledge” (Curse of Knowledge), this is a cognitive distortion in the human thinking, the essence of which is that a more informed person is extremely difficult to consider any problem from the point of view of less informed people. Due to the fact that a more informed person over the years and thousands of hours of practice has developed sustainable neural connections and neural circuits in the brain, allowing it to successfully solve work tasks, it is difficult for him to understand the problems of beginners, he thinks: write code it is so easy and simple, What’s difficult there, I study the syntax and all problems will disappear. But this is an illusion.

It’s not just programming. In fact, to teach any person to some kind of skill or profession is the most complex problem. This is the problem of the methodology. If there was a universal and successful methodology for teaching programming, there would be no problems with the lack of the same Middl in the front, but they are still lacking, despite the abundance of offline and online schools.

The same problems with the code from beginners in other countries:

1) https://teamtreehouse.com/community/why-cant -i-understand-javascript

2) https: // www .FreeCodecamp.org / Forum / T / i-Just-dont-Understand-JavaScript / 290673/5

3) https: / /www.freecodecamp.org/forum/t/i-understand-javascript-but-cant-write-code/176363

4) https://www.reddit.com/r/ LearnProgramming / Comments / 4O2Wpk / i_just_cant_understand_javascript_i_dont_get_why /

5) https://www.quora.com/why -Can% E2% 80% 99t-I-Learn-JavaScript-i-Feel-SO-Bad-and-Like-Everyone-Else-Gets-It-SO-Easy-I-Get-Stressed-Out-and-My -Self-esteem-gets-Worse-Everyday

Suitable, came to the thought that it is necessary to work more with the finished code, repeat after the other – from the lesson in the lesson to go on the playlist of the finished project, print a ready-made code from books.

Answer 2, Authority 33%

just look for another tutorial / resource. Start with such textbooks, where the author himself writes, explains its code and how to run it, and then as a task suggests a little modify it. That. First, the code is reprinted from the book (it is to print, not Copy-Paste), and then the edits are preprinted according to the task. And do not despair! Everything will come with experience.

Answer 3

Cause may be in the source itself, where you are learning JavaScript. I personally helped https://learn.javascript.ru/ and several YouTube Channels:

playlist with js webinars
javascript decides

Answer 4

If you don’t know something google * and learn!

Where to start how the code should look like to be worked like his
Proceed – I am absolutely incomprehensible.

google & gt; how to run javascript

So you know how to create and run the simplest script.

Implement PrintJaimesLine function

google & gt; functions in javascript

So you know how to create a function, why do they need about the keyword function, that the functions have names.

which takes one argument

google & gt; functions with arguments in javascript

Now you know how to transfer the parameter to the function (argument)

One argument – string,

google & gt; strings in javascript

Now you know how JavaScript strings work,

and displays a replica on the screen in Jaime format: transmitted_stand.

google & gt; how to display a message in javascript

So you will learn about console.log () and other output methods.

Ready Now you know how to write a program, if not, then starting to reread everything again – and it will always be, all here attended came once on the forum to come to coming down the decision. Just deal with any task on blocks and google – gradually performing the task.

* Under Google is meant any source of information.

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